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To ensure faster and improved service for the Customers, Digital Financial Service of Bangladesh Post Office – ‘Nagad’ has brought “Bank to Nagad” Add Money feature. From now on, Midland Bank Internet Banking App users can “Add Money” to any ‘Nagad’ Account without any charge whenever they wish.

You can “Add Money” up to 5 times and up to BDT 30,000 daily to your or other ‘Nagad’ Accounts from Midland Bank. In this way, you can “Add Money” up to 25 times and up to a total of BDT 200,000 per month.

How to “Add Money” from Midland Bank to ‘Nagad’ Account:

  • Tap the ‘Add Money’ icon from ‘Nagad’ app home screen
  • Select ‘Bank to Nagad’
  • Select the ‘Bank Name’
  • Log in to bank’s internet banking app
  • Select fund transfer
  • Select ‘Nagad’ Account (If Beneficiary is not added, Beneficiary has to be added first)
  • Select Bank Debit Account
  • Type the amount and state the reason
  • Type OTP
  • Click on the confirm button
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS upon successful transfer

How to add a beneficiary:

  • Log in to bank’s internet banking app
  • Click ‘Fund Transfer’
  • Click ‘Add Beneficiary’
  • Select ‘Nagad’ under the ‘Transfer Type’ menu and click the ‘Add New’ button
  • Enter 11 digit ‘Nagad’ Account number and beneficiary name. Click on the ‘Add’ button to proceed
  • Confirm the beneficiary details
  • Beneficiary added successfully

‘Bank to Nagad’ Add Money service is completely free.

Note: You can also “Add Money” to any ‘Nagad’ Account from outside the country using Midland Bank’s internet banking app. However, the ‘Nagad’ app can only be used in Bangladesh.

Click on this Midland Bank’s  logo to download their internet banking app: