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These days, everyone is busy with their hectic schedules. But revolutionary innovations in the digital technology provide comfort and convenience. ‘Nagad’ has come up with such an innovative idea of opening accounts for its customers by dialing *167# from any mobile phone number of the country. Now you don’t have to take the hassle of paperwork to open a ‘Nagad’ Account. You don’t even need your NID, printed photograph or signature. You can open a ‘Nagad’ Account by simply dialing *167# and by setting up the PIN. Customers of all mobile operators in the country can avail this facility of opening a ‘Nagad’ account by dialing * 167#.

Follow these steps to open a ‘Nagad’ Account using USSD code:

  1. Firstly, dial *167#
  2. Then set your 4-digit PIN
  3. Confirm by typing the PIN again (don’t reveal your secret PIN to anyone)
  4. Then choose whether you want to be entitled for profit.

That’s it! Your ‘Nagad’ Account is ready to roll.

Terms and Conditions for Customer Account Registration as mentioned below will be applicable for the customers registering NAGAD accounts.

By opening a ‘Nagad’ Account, you will get a recharge bonus of Tk20 on recharge of Tk20 from the ‘Nagad’ app (twice a month)! Besides, you can enjoy-

  • The country’s lowest cash out charge
  • Free of cost send money facility
  • Free of cost bill pay facility
  • Highest profit rate for your available amount in the ‘Nagad’ Account
  • Exciting mobile recharge offers
  • Hassle-free payment offers

And many more!

Terms and Conditions for Campaign:

  • Customer must self-recharge (i.e. recharge against their own number that is registered at ‘Nagad’) 20tk from App to be eligible for this campaign and to get 20tk additional top-up bonus.
  • Only new customers who will register in ‘Nagad’ between 5th February 2021 and 31st March 2021 shall be eligible for this campaign.
  • Customers shall be eligible for this campaign only after setting PIN and upgrading to full profile.
  • Campaign Bonus Period shall be from 5th February, 2021 to 15th June, 2021
  • Each customer shall be able to avail this top up reward/bonus only once in every 15 days of each calendar month for 3 (three) months only since the registration with ‘Nagad’ App.
  • Each customer can get maximum 6 top up rewards/bonus during the whole campaign period, given that the eligible customers recharge once in every 15 days of each month i.e. 6 times during the whole campaign period.
  • Reward shall be disbursed within 72 hours of recharge.
  • ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to change/modify these terms & conditions or cancel this campaign at any time without giving any prior notice.
  • Any decision taken by ‘Nagad’ with respect to this campaign, shall be in the sole discretion of ‘Nagad’ and shall be deemed final.
  • ‘Nagad’ announces that:
  1. ‘Nagad’ or its authorized representative shall not, at any point, request the customers to disclose their One-time Password (OTP) or Personal Identification Number (PIN) of their ‘Nagad’ account,
  2. It shall not ask the customer to make any payment to anyone whatsoever, and
  • It shall contact the customer using only 16167 or 096 096 16167. For any confusion or conflict with regards to this campaign, the customer must end any other call and immediately call back to 16167 or 096 096 16167 to ascertain the authenticity of the call or for required information.
  • ‘Nagad’ shall not be responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever for any of the reasons listed above or any other actions from a third party.
  • In the event of any dispute, the Customer shall first contact with ‘Nagad’ through ‘Nagad’ hotline numbers: 16167 or 096 096 16167.
  • In the event of conflict between English version and Bangla version of the terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Nation’s Lowest Cash Out Charge

“Nagad” has brought up the lowest Cash Out charge for customers. Now “Nagad” customers can enjoy the lowest ever Cash Out rate 9.99 taka per 1,000 taka using the “Nagad” App and 12.99 taka per 1000 taka using “Nagad” USSD. For any amount, the Cash Out charge will be in an equal ratio. Enjoy the lowest rate and be with “Nagad”.

MediumCash Out charge – Per 1000
(excluding VAT)
Cash Out charge – Per 1000
(including VAT)
App9.99 taka11.49 taka
USSD12.99 taka14.94 taka
  • Applicable VAT is determined by the government
  • The Cash out charge of the app has been rounded up to 11.49 taka per thousand where the actual amount is 11.4885 taka and  USSD charge has been rounded up to 14.94  taka per thousand where the actual amount is 14.9385 taka.
  • Ref to the above conditions, in case of any conflict between the charges displayed between App, USSD (sms), and Nagad website, the charges mentioned in Nagad official website shall prevail.

Terms and Conditions for Customer Account Registration

  1. The recipient of the digital financial service (‘Nagad’ service) referred to as ‘Nagad’ by Third Wave Technologies Limited will be known as the ‘Nagad’ customer and only such customer shall be regarded as the user of the digital financial service account (‘Nagad’ account).
  2. Transactions / activities of ‘Nagad’ services and ‘Nagad’ accounts shall be conducted in accordance with the applicable rules, policies, circulars and orders / directives for the provision of digital financial services issued by the applicable law of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Postal Department and other regulatory authorities. The ‘Nagad’ customer shall abide by the said policy.
  3. If applicable, the ‘Nagad’ account number must be properly mentioned in all ‘Nagad’ related documents. The ‘Nagad’ authority shall not be liable for any loss incurred due to quoting wrong/false account number.
  4. If the transaction is not completed due to lack of sufficient balance in the ‘Nagad’ account, the ‘Nagad’ shall not be liable for it, and the applicable charge shall be borne by the customer as per the rules.
  5. Before leaving the counter by the ‘Nagad’ customer, make sure that the appropriate amount of ‘Nagad’ in / ‘Nagad’ out / payment etc. has been completed from his/her ‘Nagad’ account. Subsequent complaints shall not be admissible. The ‘Nagad’ can deduct card related fees and charges from the customer ‘Nagad’ customer account as per the requirement. The use of the card and the cost of using the card may change as per the rules of the company.
  6. ‘Nagad’ customer shall ensure the accuracy of the recipient prior to each transaction using ‘Nagad’ service. Customer must be careful while giving ‘Nagad’ account number, amount of money, secret number/PIN and transaction information where applicable. The customer shall be solely responsible for any misinformation or instruction provided during the transaction or for any transaction where, he/she has been the victim of any kind of temptation, misrepresentation or fraud. ‘Nagad’ shall not in any way assume or bear the responsibility of repaying the said transaction.
  7. ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to determine, change, augment and adjust all service costs and / or maintenance costs from time to time as per rules including all types of costs and expenses related to ‘Nagad’ services (including applicable VAT). All these costs shall be deducted from the ‘Nagad’ account.
  8. ‘Nagad’ customer shall be obliged to provide any information to ‘Nagad’ in accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act-2012, Anti-Terrorism Act-2009, Circular / Policy issued by Bangladesh Postal Department.
  9. ‘Nagad’ will maintain maximum confidentiality in respect of ‘Nagad’ customer account and transaction information. However, in any of the following cases, ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to disclose / provide any information related to the customer:
  10. In case of need by the Regulatory authority who has the controlling, supervising or any government authority
  11. In need of a person ordered by the competent court or approved by law
  12. To perform various authorized activities of ‘Nagad’
  13. To any service provider or financial institution or organization for the purpose of carrying out various authorized activities of ‘Nagad’
  14. The ‘Nagad’ customer will never disclose the secret number (PIN) of his ‘Nagad’ account to anyone and shall be personally and solely responsible for ensuring its maximum privacy and security. If there is a risk of breach or misuse of the confidentiality of the secret number, the customer should change it immediately. ‘Nagad’ shall not be liable in any way if the ‘Nagad’ customer is being deceived and / or harmed due to negligence, carelessness, misuse or misuse of secret PIN number. If the mobile phone or SIM is lost, the ‘Nagad’ customer will immediately call ‘Nagad’ helpline (16167) to close the ‘Nagad’ account for taking further steps. ‘Nagad’ shall not be liable for any unauthorized transactions prior to notification of loss of ‘Nagad’ card (scratch card, postal ‘Nagad’ card, virtual card etc.).
  15. ‘Nagad’ customer shall always refrain from doing business related to any type of financial transaction using his ‘Nagad’ account. If the ‘Nagad’ Customer violates or attempts to violate the terms and conditions or if the ‘Nagad’ Customer’s transaction behavior is suspicious considering by the ‘Nagad’, if there is a complaint against the Customer, the ‘Nagad’ Customer’s account will be suspended at any time without prior notice for security or any other reasonable reason. ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to cancel, terminate or take any other form of disciplinary or legal action appropriate in consideration of ‘Nagad’. In this case, the decision of ‘Nagad’ will be final and binding on the customer.
  16. ‘Nagad’ customer shall always be obliged to follow the instructions sent to him/her by ‘Nagad’. Otherwise, ‘Nagad’ shall be able to take any corrective or legal action against the customer, including suspending or canceling the customer’s account, subject to proper investigation. In this case, the decision of ‘Nagad’ shall be final and binding on the customer. ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to suspend the customer’s account during the investigation. However, if the customer is asked to make a transaction via SMS / phone call or disclose confidential number or account information, then the ‘Nagad’ customer should not do that transaction without verification with the ‘Nagad’ authority.
  17. Only the ‘Nagad’ customer shall be responsible for all the issues related to the SIM card and SIM card replacement related to his/her ‘Nagad’ account. ‘Nagad’ shall not bear any liability in this regard. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the security of all transactions and the cards. The customer shall ensure the security of all items provided by ‘Nagad’ (scratch card, postal ‘Nagad’ card, virtual card number). The customer shall be responsible for any financial loss due to the loss of these items.
  18. The customer must sign the back of the card to prove ownership.
  19. In addition to this Agreement, the current terms and conditions of ‘Nagad’ account management shall also be applicable to the card. If there are any conflicts or inconsistencies within this Agreement and the current Terms and Conditions of Account Management, this Agreement will be terminated.
  20. If the SIM card is replaced which is used to open ‘Nagad’ account, ‘Nagad’ shall stop the operation of the account after receiving the replacement information from the concerned mobile network operator. The ‘Nagad’ account will be suspended for at least 24 hours. Only the customer can use his own card.
  21. ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to modify, add, subtract, augment and change existing rules or policies at any time without prior notice to the ‘Nagad’ Customer, which will be updated on ‘Nagad’’s website from time to time. Customers can view the latest version of the rules or polices from the website at any time. If there is a conflict between the terms mentioned in the form and the website version, the website version will prevail.
  22. ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to send promotional IVR, phone calls or SMS to the ‘Nagad’ customer at any time in accordance with the appropriate regulations.
  23. If the ‘Nagad’ customer wants to close his / her ‘Nagad’ account permanently, he / she can close the account with Nil Balance only subject to the use of any ‘Nagad’ service.
  24. ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to determine the criteria or rate of interest to be paid on the money deposited in the ‘Nagad’ account. If the ‘Nagad’ customer is reluctant to accept interest, he can cancel it by calling ‘Nagad’ Helpline (16167).
  25. ‘Nagad’ authorities shall not be liable in any way for any delay in opening a customer’s ‘Nagad’ account or providing any service due to any unforeseen or unavoidable reason. ‘Nagad’ will do its utmost to provide ‘Nagad’ services successfully without any kind of commitment.
  26. ‘Nagad’ customers can report any ‘Nagad’ service related complaint by calling or mailing the ‘Nagad’ Center or the ‘Nagad’ Helpline (16167) within 10 days of the transaction. ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to make reasonable correction and/or take appropriate legal action which includes conducting investigations, summoning the complainant and / or the accused ‘Nagad’ customer to the head office of ‘Nagad’, suspending, closing, disposing of the ‘Nagad’ customer’s account to resolve any dispute or complaint regarding the ‘Nagad’ customer’s transaction.

(A) The record of any transaction involving the card shall be deemed final and shall apply in all cases.

(B) If the card is lost / stolen, the customer has to call the ‘Nagad’ call center immediately. ‘Nagad’ shall not be liable for any unauthorized transactions through the card.

  1. All information relating to transactions stored in the ‘Nagad’ system will be considered as preliminary evidence in resolving any conflict.
  2. Registration through Mobile To Fintech (M2F)/Base Conversion by simply dialing *167# or by registering through APP, Customers will authorize NAGAD to collect his/her information like – ID Type, ID No. and DOB from customer’s respective MNO & Other competent authorities of the Govt. in applicable cases in order to verify the information as a part of the KYC Process and Due Diligence procedures.
  3. The conditions applicable for using ‘Nagad’ cards shall also apply in addition to the above conditions. If there is any conflict between the two terms, these terms will prevail.