ডাক বিভাগের ডিজিটাল লেনদেন


Now is the time to become Lakhpoti by “Add Money”. You can “Add Money” to your or anyone else’s ‘Nagad’ Account from any bank’s Visa or Master Card without any charge whenever you wish. And there is an amazing offer, if you “Add Money” to your or any ‘Nagad’ Account for the first time. You can be a Lakhpoti by using the “Add Money” feature for the first time and of course there is also a guaranteed bonus of 25 taka. If your first Add Money amount is 500 taka to up to 30,000 taka, only then you will be eligible for the “Add Money-te Lakhpoti” campaign. This feature will only be applicable for the customers with full profile.

To participate in the “Add Money-te Lakhpoti” campaign, first of all, you have to Add Money 500 taka to up to 30,000 taka in your or any other ‘Nagad’ Account, then you have to leave a comment on Nagad’s Official Facebook page using #AddMoneyTeLakhpoti hashtag (go to this link: Be a Lakhpoti by Add Money) and write a comment on “What do you like the most about Nagad and why?” You could become a Lakhpoti by making the best comment.

So without any delay, “Add Money” to ‘Nagad’ Account from your Visa or Master Card today and become a Lakhpoti by fulfilling the conditions.

In this pandemic situation of the country, follow the health rules announced by the government, stay healthy.