ডাক বিভাগের ডিজিটাল লেনদেন

Now you can simply stay at home and easily pay for the purchases at evaly through your ‘Nagad’ Account. You can avail 10% discount (Maximum of 2,000 Taka) for purchasing at evaly through your ‘Nagad’ Account! During the offer, you can enjoy this discount every time you purchase at evaly through ‘Nagad’.

 Terms and Conditions for Merchant Campaign with evaly:

  • ‘Nagad’ Customers will be eligible to obtain a 10% Discount up to BDT 2000 for each invoice from Evaly.
  • Customers will be eligible for this campaign only if he/she pays through online, for example: Evaly’s own website and/or app. However, payment through SSL payment gateway shall not be eligible for this discount.
  • ‘Nagad’ customers shall not be able to avail the discount if he/she makes the payment through ‘Nagad’ App or USSD.
  • Customers can avail discounts multiple times during the campaign period by paying through ‘Nagad’ as per these terms & conditions.
  • This campaign will start on 18th November 2020 and will end on 31st March 2021.
  • In order to be eligible for this discount, the customer must have an active ‘Nagad’ account.
  • ‘Nagad’ reserves the right to change/modify these terms & conditions or cancel this campaign at any time without giving any prior notice.
  • Any decision taken by ‘Nagad’ with respect to this campaign, shall be in the sole discretion of ‘Nagad’ and shall be deemed final.
  • ‘Nagad’ announces that:
  1. ‘Nagad’ or its authorized representative shall not, at any point, requests the customers to disclose their One-time Password (OTP) or Personal Identification Number (PIN) of their ‘Nagad’ Account,
  2. It shall not ask the customer to make any payment to anyone whatsoever, and
  • It shall contact the customer using only 16167 or 096 096 16167. For any confusion or conflict with regards to this campaign, the customer must end any other call and immediately call back to 16167 or 096 096 16167 to ascertain the authenticity of the call or for required information.
  • ‘Nagad’ shall not be responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever for any of the reasons listed above or any other actions from a third party.
  • In the event of any dispute, the Customer shall first contact ‘Nagad’ through ‘Nagad’ hotline numbers: 16167 or 096 096 16167.
  • In the event of a conflict between the English version and the Bangla version of the terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.