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You can make internet bill payments for the top Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) of Bangladesh, Amber IT and Triangle from your ‘Nagad’ Account. You can pay your internet bill payments using ‘Nagad Bill Pay’ option without any extra charge whenever and from wherever you want and enjoy up to BDT 50 cashback.

Follow these steps to make an internet payment in ‘Nagad’:

‘Nagad’ payment via App:

  • Log in to the ‘Nagad’ App
  • Tap the Bill Pay icon
  • Select the company that will pay the bill
  • Type the customer ID
  • Type the amount of money
  • Type PIN
  • Tap and hold
  • Receive confirmation SMS at the end of the payment

‘Nagad’ payment via USSD:

  • Dial *167#
  • Select ‘Bill Pay’ by pressing 5 from the menu
  • Select the Internet by pressing 1 from the menu
  • Select the company you want to pay the bill from the menu
  • Enter the customer ID
  • Type the amount of money
  • Type PIN
  • Receive confirmation SMS at the end of the payment

In this pandemic situation of the country, follow the health rules announced by the government, stay healthy. Stay with ‘Nagad’.


Terms and Conditions for ISP cash back campaign:

  • In order to participate in this campaign any Nagad customer needs to pay  AmberIT and/or Traingle ISP (Internet Service Provider’s) internet bill only through his or her Nagad account, only for the first payment in a single month by using Nagad APP or USSD
  • A customer can only participate in this campaign by using the “Bill pay” feature from the Nagad App or USSD.
  • Any Customer of Nagad who is also “Customers” of “ AmberIT and/or Triangle” ISP (Internet Service Provider) shall be eligible to receive a cashback of 5% (maximum upto BDT 50/-) within the next 3 working days on payment of internet bill on every month.
  • The campaign shall be valid for the following period:
  • 1st month: Starts from 10th September 2020 and runs until 9th October
  • 2nd month: Starts from 10th October 2020 and runs until 9th November 2020.
  • If a customer pay for multiple ISP (Internet Service provider) network then he or she will receive the cashback for each of the ISP networks bill payment and one customer can get 2 cashback for 2 months of the campaign period.
  • If the cashback is not received by the participant(s) due to any Customer account status issue, the Customer shall not receive cashback for the campaign.
  • In case cashback failure due to any unknown/unforeseen reason except for the Customer account status issue, Nagad will retry to send the instant cashback manually with three intervals within 2 months after the failure. If all attempts fail, no other attempt will be made and the Customer will no longer be entitled to the cashback of the campaign.
  • Nagad reserves the right to change/modify campaign terms & conditions or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice.
  • Any decision taken by Nagad with respect to the campaign, shall be in the sole discretion of Nagad and shall be deemed final.
  • Nagad announces that:
  1. it shall not at any point request the selected Customer to disclose its One-time Password (OTP) or Personal Identification Number (PIN) of the account,
  2. it shall not require the selected Customer to make any payment to anyone whatsoever, and
  • it shall contact the selected Customer using only 16167 or 096 096 16167. For any confusion with regards to any phone call be it from the said numbers or any other, the Customer must end the call and call back to 16167 or 096 096 16167 to ascertain the authenticity of the call.

Nagad shall not be responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever for any of the reasons listed above or any other actions from a third party.

  • In the event, if there is any dispute arises regarding the campaign Business Network shall be responsible to mitigate the dispute with their Customer.
  • In the event of any dispute, the Customer shall first contact the 16167 or 096 096 16167. In the event of a conflict between this English version of terms and conditions and the Bengali translation of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.