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Open your Nagad Account and be a LAKHPOTI!

Now is the time to become a LAKHPOTI by simply opening your Nagad Account!
Therefore, Bangladesh Post Office’s Digital Financial Service Nagad has come up with ‘Nagad-e Asle Lakhpoti’ offer and with a 25 taka guaranteed bonus!
To participate in this campaign, first of all, easily open your Nagad Account. After successful Account opening, do the ‘Cash In’ of any amount within the first 72 hours and leave an answer on “What is the thing you like most in “Nagad” and Why” at the official Facebook page of Nagad ( click here: https://bit.ly/NagadeAsleLakhpoti ) using   #নগদেআসলেইলাখপতি  hashtag . Based on your given answer, the best respondent will be selected.
It is the humble submission from Nagad that an additional 5% of your received bonus will be spent by Nagad for the welfare of the distressed people. So open your Nagad Account now without any delay, fulfill the conditions and be a Nagad-e LAKHPOTI.
Be cautious in this situation of the country, stay healthy. Stay with Nagad.

Applicable Terms and Conditions:

  • This campaign shall start from 6th May, 2020 and shall continue until further notice.
  • Any person may become eligible to this campaign (i) by self-registering himself/herself or by registering through Nagad Uddokta using DKYC and (ii) by doing a Cash In of minimum Tk. 50 or above within 72 hours of setting the PIN.
  • After becoming eligible to this campaign the Nagad Customer must give correct answer to the specific question(s) on Nagad’s official facebook page at: nagad.com.bd and the Customer who gives best answer in the discretion of Nagad may become “Nagad Lakhpoti” under this campaign.
  • In the event a Customer is nominated for “Nagad Lakhpoti”, he/she shall not be eligible for another nomination in the same month.
  • Any unregistered Robi (including Airtel) Customer shall be required to set up the PIN only, Cash In Tk. 50 or above within 72 hours of setting the PIN and to give comment on the specific comment thread on the official facebook page of Nagad.
  • The registration shall be considered successful upon successful PIN set up and once the Nagad Customer Account is accepted by Nagad as per its internal policy.
  • The successfully registered Customer who sets his/her PIN and Cash In Tk. 50 or above within 72 hours of setting the PIN shall be entitled to get a bonus of minimum Tk. 25 under this campaign.
  • After successful registration and Cash In the Customer shall receive his/her bonus within 72 hours of such successful registration.
  • Nagad shall spend 5% equivalent to Customers’ bonus amount for the welfare of distressed people.
  • To avail the bonus amount the Customer must have an active Nagad Account.
  • If disbursement of bonus amount fails due to any Customer Account status issue, Customer shall not receive the bonus for this campaign.
  • In case disbursement of bonus fails due to any unknown/unforeseen reason except for Customer Account status issue, Nagad will retry disbursement of the bonus manually with three intervals within 2 months after the failure. If all attempts fail, no other attempt will be made and Customer shall no longer be entitled for the bonus under this campaign.
  • In the event the new Nagad Customer fails to cash in the said amount within 72 hours of setting up the PIN he/she shall not be considered eligible under this campaign.
  • Nagad reserves every right to change/modify these terms & conditions or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice.
  • Any decision taken by Nagad with respect to the campaign, shall be in the sole discretion of Nagad and shall be deemed final.
  • Nagad announces that:
  1. it shall not request any Customer to disclose its One-time Password (OTP) or Personal Identification Number (PIN) of the Nagad Account anytime,
  2. it shall not require any Customer to make any payment to anyone whatsoever, and
  3. it shall contact the Customer using only its hotline numbers (16167 or 096 096 16167). For any confusion with regards to any phone call be it from the said numbers or any other, the Customer must hang up the call and call back to 16167 or 096 096 16167 to ascertain the authenticity of the call.

Nagad shall not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever for any of the reasons listed above or any other actions from a third party.

  • In the event of any dispute, the Customer shall first contact through its hotline numbers (16167 or 096 096 16167).
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be in English and Bangla versions and in the event of any conflict between the English and Bangla version, this English version shall prevail.