ডাক বিভাগের ডিজিটাল লেনদেন

At present, the businesses and public lives of Bangladesh, including the whole world, have been stalled due to corona virus. Survival of small and medium business entities has become challenging in this crisis situation. From the belief “if People survive, the Country will too”, NAGAD decides to stand by 5 categories of business, businessmen and organization (Who are deeply involved in the lives and livelihoods of every people of Bangladesh). These include medicine seller (pharmacy), consumer goods seller (grocery), small and medium enterprises and market sellers. NAGAD brings “SHADHIN” service for these businesses to make their financial transactions easier. “SHADHIN” will allow these reputed businessmen to make payments for their goods received to another Shadhin Merchant number as per their need at the lowest charge. From now onwards, all Shadhin Merchants’ transactions will be “SHADHIN”.