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Cash Out

Withdraw money from your Nagad Account

Cash Out

Cash Out Details


Cash-out service enables you to withdraw money from your Nagad digital financial service account from any Nagad Uddokta point located anywhere in the country.



1. Visit Nagad Uddokta Point


2. Dial *167# and Choose “Cash-Out” Then “From Uddokta” option.


3. Enter Info


4. Enter Your Nagad Mobile Menu PIN to Confirm The Transaction.



Cash-out done! Both you and the Uddokta will receive a confirmation message. Count the amount the Uddokta gives you to make sure it is correct. Sign the Uddokta register before leaving the counter.

Frequently Asked Question:

Withdrawing money from your NAGAD Account.
You can Cash out from your nearest Nagad Uddokta Point
Step 1: Please check with your Uddokta whether you have provided the correct account number or not Step 2: Please check your profile limit and profile status Step 3: If all of the above is fine, then please communicate with our customer service hotline at 16167