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Cash Out

Withdraw money from your Nagad Account

Cash Out

Cash Out Details


Cash-out service enables you to withdraw money from your Nagad digital financial service account from any Nagad Uddokta point located anywhere in the country.“Nagad” customer can Cash-Out at 1.45 percent rate from any Nagad Uddokta Point. It means the cash out charge of Nagad is  Tk14.50 per Tk 1000. 



1. Visit Nagad Uddokta Point


2. Dial *167# and Choose “Cash-Out” Then “From Uddokta” option.


3. Enter Info


4. Enter Your Nagad Mobile Menu PIN to Confirm The Transaction.



Cash-out done! Both you and the Uddokta will receive a confirmation message. Count the amount the Uddokta gives you to make sure it is correct. Sign the Uddokta register before leaving the counter.

Frequently Asked Question:

Withdrawing money from your NAGAD Account.
You can Cash out from your nearest Nagad Uddokta Point
Step 1: Please check with your Uddokta whether you have provided the correct account number or not Step 2: Please check your profile limit and profile status Step 3: If all of the above is fine, then please communicate with our customer service hotline at 16167