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Enjoy the highest profit for your available amount in Nagad account


“Profit” Details


Customer will receive the highest profit for the available amount in his/her Nagad account


Terms and Conditions

All regular customers of Nagad shall be eligible to avail the profit as per the table below.

Slab for Profit Profit Rate (Per Annum)
Tk. 5000.001 to Above 6.0%
Tk. 1000.001 to Tk. 5000.000 4.0%
Tk. 0 to Tk. 1000.000 0.0%


  • Profit shall be disbursed on a monthly basis.
  • Profit shall be calculated on day end balance on a monthly basis.
  • Profit shall be disbursed directly to the Nagad account after deduction of applicable tax and/or VAT in accordance with Bangladeshi laws.
  • If disbursement of profit fails due to any customer account status issue, customer shall not receive disbursement for the relevant month.
  • In order to receive a disbursement of profit, the customer account must be active.
  • Nagad reserves the right to change/modify these terms & conditions or cancel the entire product at any time without giving any prior notice.
  • Nagad reserves the right to cancel profit as per applicable laws, regulatory guideline(s) and/or internal policies.


Profit Opt-Out Procedure


  • Customers can opt-in or opt-out of the profit product by providing a service request through Nagad’s call center number 16167.
  • Customers shall be notified in the event of the successful execution of the request.