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Send Money

Transfer money from one Nagad account to another

Send Money

Send Money Details


Send money service allows you to send or transfer money from your Nagad account to any other Nagad account.



1. Open Nagad mobile menu


2. Enter the Nagad account number of the recipient and the amount you want to send


3. Enter one word as a reference


4. Enter your Nagad mobile menu PIN to confirm the transaction


Send money done! Both you and the recipient will receive a confirmation message from Nagad.

Frequently Asked Question:

Transferring money from one NAGAD Account to another NAGAD Account
In the event of any incorrect transactions through Nagad, all responsibilities lie with the customer/sender. In the event of money being sent by the customer to an unintended Account, Nagad has no authority to reimburse the customer without any direction of the court, or the consent of the recipient. To avoid such mistakes the following can be done – - Recheck the recipient’s number and amount before entering PIN in confirmation screen - Use app and select recipients number from phone contacts